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GCR Financial (GCR) are an Australian privately owned financial advisory and services group. Our goal is to provide you with pro-active, research backed advice and services that work effectively towards your financial goals.

GCR can assist you with direct investments, active investment management, direct stocks, options contracts, estate planning and SMSF (self-managed superannuation funds).

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Educated investment choices can help you reach your financial goals sooner and more effectively.

Strategies That Work Towards Your Financial Goals

We call upon our advisor's decades of industry experience to deliver financial advice and services that effectively help you.

We understand that it is your money and financial future, that you want managed and used carefully - we take this very seriously. Our team provides you with research backed, industry leading advice and responsible management services while always considering your goals and position first and foremost.

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Research Backed Investment Strategies

Every piece of advice and assistance we provide you with is backed by thorough research relevant to the Australian market and international markets. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with leading industry research and requirements to deliver comprehensive services for the management of SMSFs, estate planning, active investment management, direct stocks and direct investments.

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GCR is an ethical, people focused, socially and morally responsible financial advice and services company.

Industry Experts, Focused on Helping You

GCR Financial Pty Ltd (GCR) is a private, family owned Australian financial advice and services company.

GCR is founded by Mr Gye E Duncan. Gye has over 25 years of experience in the financial advice and services industry. His disciplined, focused and forward thinking attitude towards investment management has lead him to see and develop opportunities ahead of most.

GCR endeavours to create mutually beneficial scenarios that are sustainable for all stakeholders; our valued clients, our valued staff and the local communities GCR operates within.

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Gye Duncan, the Managing Director of GCR.
Meet Gye Duncan, Managing Director of GCR Financial.

Being privately owned allows us to help you without institutional control, bias or restriction.

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