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Principled Wealth Management

At GCR Financial, we are a privately owned and boutique wealth management advisory. That means we offer open-minded advice and have the ability to move quickly to proactively seize new opportunities in the market.

We partner you with an expert private wealth manager who genuinely cares, so you can plan for the future with confidence.

Wealth is within your reach

Your golden years are a time to look forward to.

But most Australians feel uncertain about their retirement because they…

We don’t believe your retirement lifestyle should hang in the balance of what may or may not happen in the market. That is why we have developed a fully transparent process of growing your wealth.

You can trust that our advice is genuinely in your best interests, because we are not affiliated with any financial institution. We don’t see you as an account – we see you as a person with goals for the future.

Our private wealth management method is entirely unique to us

Developed by Gye E Duncan after years of research, our approach is a fully integrated pathway from financial planning through to wealth creation. Gye established GCR Financial with the belief that middlemen and financial product fees should not erode your wealth.

Granted with ASIC licencing authorisations, we do not need to rely on large financial institutions to build your wealth. This seal of authority allows us to offer truly open-minded advice as well as our signature Active Investment Management + Options (AIM+O) style of investing.

These fundamental aspects of our approach set us apart:

Values-first wealth advisers


Financial industry interests do not control us, because we operate under the authority of our own ASIC licence. We are not affiliated with any banks, insurance companies, fund managers or industry superannuation providers.


Wealth takes time to build. By future-proofing our operations and only working with genuine private wealth advisers, we deliver long-term service continuity. Each of our advisers has a decade or more of experience, and is invested in building relationships founded on trust.


You are never left guessing. We explain our service and recommendations in a way that you understand. You receive all the information you need to make informed decisions upfront, and monthly reports and progress meetings once we commence working together.

Committed to regional Australians

The GCR Financial Group began in Brisbane and has grown to encompass a number of offices in regional Australia. Find our locations in Tamworth, Bundaberg, Norfolk Island and Brisbane.

We build wealth for


You have saved your whole life, but there is no guarantee what the markets are going to do to your superannuation and investments.
A balanced strategy ensures you can access a steady source of income during any market lows, so your retirement savings remain intact.

Entrepreneurs and farmers

Even if you take risks in business, there is no need to take unnecessary risk with your personal wealth. Continue to grow your financial legacy with specialist advice that will see you through the feast and famine periods of business ownership, and build your retirement nest egg.


You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, but you want more control. We help you to answer questions including how to start growing your wealth now and what kind of retirement lifestyle you can expect. With the right financial roadmap, you can live on your own terms in the future. 


Financial Planning

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