Norfolk Island Professional Services


Norfolk Island Professional Services

Norfolk Island, New South Wales

Welcome to a boutique wealth management advisory, where we understand the importance of personal support.

With a local office connected to the GCR Financial Group of wealth advisers, Norfolk Island Professional Services gives you superior advice coupled with accessible service. We warmly welcome you to visit us and discuss your wealth opportunities in confidence.

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Gye E Duncan

Gye is the founder and investment manager of GCR Financial, and your direct point of contact at Norfolk Island Professional Services. He assumed this role after Norfolk Island Professional Services joined the GCR Financial Group, as a sign of our commitment to your local community. He understands that success starts with respecting your values, which is why we call ourselves principled wealth managers.

With a long list of credentials and an approachable manner, Gye has built many successful relationships with locals on the island who are ready to pursue their financial potential. He gives you advice based on more than 26 years of experience working in the financial services industry and continual study.

Gye is driven to bring a better level of service to our clients in regional locations. Learn more about his story and his approach on our About page.

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