Approachable wealth management strategies

Our planning services future-proof your savings, while SMSF and AIM+O offer you new opportunities to grow your wealth. Regardless of which level of service you choose, we give you the assurance of:

We provide timely advice as you move through each season of life, ensuring you feel secure and confident about the future. Choose the level of service that suits you, or ask us to recommend a strategy that aligns with your financial mindset.


Consolidate and protect

General Financial Planning

While our astute advisers are eager to offer advice, we start the financial planning process by listening. Your input guides us – because without knowing exactly where you are now and where you want to go, we cannot act in your best interests.

No matter how complex your financial history is, our approachable advisers make you feel comfortable as we consolidate and protect what you have. Using this foundation, you can start to plan for the unknown and put financial strategies in place for the future. As wealth advisers with investment and SMSF expertise, we see opportunities where other financial planners don’t.

Retirement Planning

Gain the confidence of financial security in retirement, even if you don’t know where to begin planning. Whether you wish to travel the world, spend more time with family or retire early, we start by understanding your aspirations. Then we identify all income sources, tax considerations and strategies that sit within your risk comfort zone.

Markets and tax legislation will inevitably change. As a boutique firm, our advantage over large financial institutions is our ability to proactively respond to change and develop new strategies to keep you financially secure. All recommendations are explained clearly, so you can live with peace of mind.


Invest and grow

Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF)

Being intimated by the administration of a SMSF is one of the biggest barriers holding Australians back from establishing their own SMSF. If you feel you are too time-poor to pursue this opportunity, we can support you to successfully run your own SMSF, plus offer advice and education to ensure you understand exactly how it works.

Gaining control of your superannuation allows you to unlock new wealth opportunities. Many of our clients use their SMSF as the vehicle for engaging our AIM+O service. As part of our SMSF service delivery, we equip you with robust income strategies to ensure that the financial markets do not impact your day-to-day cash flow during retirement.

Active investment management, plus options (AIM+O)

AIM+O is our difference as private wealth managers. We developed this service to offer an alternative to the way things have always been done by financial planners and large fund managers. Using our disciplined approach, you can grow your wealth alongside an investment manager who is directly accountable to you.

We give you direct access to your money and all trades are performed with full transparency. Our unique approach is a proactive alternative to passive buy and hold strategies, and your money is only invested in quality ASX100 shares. As further assurance of our commitment to generating maximum wealth for you, we deliver this service under a performance-based fee structure.

Our approach outlines AIM+O and our investment philosophy in further detail.

Completely customised wealth management

The services above are an integrated step-by-step roadmap for taking control of your wealth and, ultimately, becoming an investor. Here is the process we follow to tailor our services to your cash flow, goals, risk tolerance and tax considerations.

Step 1: Acquaint

In your first meeting, we listen to your goals, current financial position and how you approach your finances. Importantly, we then identify your risk profile so we can recommend strategies you are comfortable with.

We welcome you to bring your superannuation statements to this meeting, so we can compare your current performance with the untapped potential of your savings. This allows you to tangibly comprehend your opportunities. If you feel we are like-minded, we then enter into the planning phase.

Step 2: Plan

After meeting you, we develop a financial plan with strategies and services tailored to your financial ambitions. We take your trust in us seriously, and provide transparent documentation that clearly outlines our recommendations and fee structure.

You can expect to receive the following:

Step 3: Implement and review

When you are ready to proceed, we implement your financial plan and offer regular updates to keep you informed. Where necessary, implementation is carried out in collaboration with other professionals you engage with, such as accountants, auditors or solicitors.

Your circumstances, lifestyle and financial goals are likely to change over time, so your financial plan is reviewed annually and SMSF and AIM+O are reviewed every six months. This step is a fundamental aspect of our goal to outperform, as it allows us to continually present you with new opportunities.